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Healing Mentoring

You are not alone…I’m here for you!

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Hope is Here

Something we all come to realize is every human has flaws and therefore relationships can be challenging. Often relational outcomes are not exactly what we hoped they’d be, and for most of us, there is a chasm between our life plan and our reality.


That gap can be debilitating and can lead to disappointment, bitterness, and lonely despair. But with the trusted guidance of a Coach and Mentor, together we can begin to close that gap. Here, you will receive help from someone who understands, has been in your shoes and will not judge you. 

Let’s work together to bring about positive changes that will leave you stronger and happier than ever before! It’s time to build the life you want.

Meet Karen

I'm Karen Hills - mentor, coach, and sherpa-guide leading you through treacherous relational waters. In my practice, I help my clients heal from betrayal trauma, mental health concerns and divorce.


When I experienced betrayal trauma over 20 years ago, my marriage ended in divorce and painfully I went through it alone. Support for the traumatized spouse did not exist and as a result, I used alcohol and other unsafe and unhealthy means to numb my pain.

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How I will help you heal



Betrayal Trauma Mentoring

Learn about trauma and recovery leading to trust, acceptance and post traumatic healing regardless of the outcome of your marriage. 


Mental Health Coaching

Learn the connection between your perception and reality, build confidence and eliminate self-doubt through CBT and Somatic Healing.


Divorce Recovery Coaching

Learn practical tips and strategies to manage the emotional challenges and how to repair and rebuild your life after permanent separation or divorce.

First Steps

Tell me your story and what is causing you pain or contributing to your emotional distress. 

Difficulties may be relational, psychological, interpersonal or occupational in nature.


Your personalized step-by-step plan will be developed to meet your specific needs and goals.

Your questions will be answered.

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Healing is possible…
with help. 

Receive trusted guidance through the process. 
Satisfied Clients

"Incredibly helpful"

Karen has been an incredible resource. She is knowledgeable and easy to talk to. 
Karen has been so helpful during this journey. I would recommend her to anyone who is on this journey.

Submitted by Danielle P on Tuesday, Jan 10, 2023

"I am not alone"

Karen is truly a blessing from God. I felt all alone trying to navigate healing from betrayal trauma but Karen is so compassionate, understanding and gets it. She is allowing God to use her healing to help heal others.

Submitted by SC on Wednesday, Jan 04, 2023

"Karen is knowledgeable"

A good listener who responds with appropriate information and compassion. 
Encouraging individuals to ponder and reflect and share. 

Submitted by JP on  Wednesday, Jan 04, 2023

Through healing mentoring, you’ll receive help understanding what has happened, what to do now, and how to move forward. 

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