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How is a Mentor and Coach different from a Counselor?

In a clinical counseling session, the Counselor is trained to keep their personal life experiences out of the conversation, leaving the client feeling isolated and disconnected.  My mentoring and coaching ability is unique because I reference my lived experience with betrayal trauma and subsequent healing, which uniquely positions me to connect with my clients while removing all judgment and stigma.

Are these sessions just for male-bashing?

Absolutely not.  Bashing of any kind is prohibited in our sessions.  Our goals are to implement healthy healing techniques and create safety for all parties involved. I believe hatred corrodes the container it’s carried in and life lived on the attack is a major waste of time and energy.

How do online sessions work?

You will receive a Zoom link via email to log in to your session.  This online format is especially convenient for mentees who are unable to meet in person.  You can join from anywhere around the globe including your car or even your closet!

May I cancel my plan?

Yes! All mentoring clients must give 30 days' advance notice in writing before canceling. Any monthly recurring fees due during that time are expected to be paid in full unless otherwise agreed upon by you and your mentor.

Do you work with single, divorced women or only married women?

I work with women of all ages and any marital status who have experienced betrayal trauma.  Soon I will begin mentoring single women who are striving for sexual integrity in their pre-marriage, and dating relationships.  Watch for details coming soon!

What is the format of the sessions?

Each session adheres to a predictable format because privacy, safety, stability and consistency are essential for your healing. We will spend time discussing how you are, challenges you may be facing and next steps to take toward healing.  Lesson content from professional resources and healthy techniques will also be discussed which will keep you moving forward. 

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