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Karen Hills
Founder, CPM, C-MHC, C-DRC

My Story…Continued

Thankfully over 10 years ago, I reached out for help, began a 12-step program and have been sober ever since. In addition, with the help of a counselor, I processed the shock, disbelief and anger from the betrayal and divorce.   After experiencing these life circumstances, I decided to leave the corporate setting and use my knowledge, strength and hope to help others heal.

Now I help men and women experience positive transformation by achieving emotional well-being and healing from relational pain.


  • For the partner of a sexually addicted spouse, help is found through psychoeducation, grieving the loss, establishing safe boundaries and emotional regulation. 

  • For the client struggling with mental health concerns, practical tools are used to identify triggers and evaluate the following emotions, thoughts and behavior. 

  • My clients walking through a separation or divorce, start to heal, regain a stronger sense of self and begin building the life they desire.

Branch of Flowers
Core Values:
Christ-centered, Truth, Wisdom, Commitment, Empathy, Connection,
Joy, and Future.

My Mission

Having walked my journey of betrayal trauma, divorce and destructive behavior, my mission is to lead clients who are suffering from relational and emotional distress through the recovery journey. My learned experience and credentials give me a keen understanding and relatability for what my clients are going through.

Leading well requires vulnerability, humility, following a process, and trusting the Holy Spirit to work through me. As a Christ follower, my mentoring model puts God at the center and allows me to act as a conduit for God's wisdom, mercy, and grace to flow to my clients.

Learn How


Used to Help You Heal

Betrayal Trauma Mentoring

Using the L.I.F.E Recovery Guide, my clients process the grief and loss associated with their partner’s betrayal and sexual addiction.


Together, we walk the healing journey through the relational devastation and grow in God's unconditional love and defining truth.


Finally in time, my clients heal from the pain and transform as they begin to walk in freedom and wholeness. Additional resources are used in Sessions.

Mental Health Coaching

Innovative and effective techniques in the area of mind-body-spirit medicine taught by the National Institute for the Clinical Application of Behavioral Medicine (NICABM) are utilized.


Building confidence and eliminating self-doubt is the foundation of the Cognitive Behavioral Theory (CBT) model and a focal point of the interventions presented to my clients.  

By using the CBT model and Somatic Healing my clients are empowered with the tools they need to navigate life.

Divorce Recovery Coaching

My clients who have recently gone through a divorce have unresolved feelings of shock, anger, and pain associated with the loss, resentment and depression.


By using Positive Psychology, client’s personal strengths and virtues, from a scientific perspective, are considered, making getting through this difficult time and moving toward healing and peace.


Approaching problems with greater wisdom, clarity and confidence is possible.



  • B.A.Psychology

  • Certified Mental Health Coach

  • Certified Professional Mentor

  • Certified Divorce Recovery Coach

  • Abandonment & Trauma Triggers Informed

  • Trauma-Informed First Responder

  • Certified Group Leader

  • RecoveringNP Sponsor


Structured Learning



Helps relieve stress and anxiety







Increases sense of safety and security

Builds confidence and God-worth


Promotes long term healing from trauma

Ceramic Vase

My Inspiration

Beauty for Ashes, my mentoring practice name was inspired by Isaiah 61:1-3. The Spirit of the Sovereign Lord is on me…and provide for those who grieve in Zion - to bestow on them a crown of beauty instead of ashes, the oil of joy instead of mourning, and a garment of praise instead of a spirit of despair.

My mentoring practice icon, the hummingbird, represents
healing, joy, and freedom.
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